Study of Baoneng’s hostile takeover towards Vanke Group

In the follow section, we will include links of variety of media coverage toward Vanke takeover and analysis this incident from many prospective. Moreover, we are fortunate to have an exclusive PowerPoint from one of Chinese top investment bank (China Securities Co Ltd.). Although the content is in Chinese, however, I believe it will give you an insight of Chinese insurance market and the type strategies both side in this takeover, how both side interact with each others.

China Vanke Co., Ltd is one of the largest residential real estate developer in China. It is engaged in developing, managing and selling properties across more than 60 mainland Chinese cities, with the provision of investment, trading, consultancy services and e-business. It also has expanded into Hong Kong, the United States, and Malaysia since 2012. (To read more please go to )

In this PowerPoint provide by China Security Co., Ltd, we will discuss different type of insurance products, changes of insurance regulation in Chinese market and a case study of how Baoneng manage to raise money through insurance to fund its hostile takeover against Vanke. I hope this will enhance your understanding of the insurance market.

This PowerPoint is only for academic use only, all right reserved to China Security Co, Ltd (CSC) Copyright ©%e9%99%a9%e8%b5%84%e4%b8%be%e7%89%8c%e5%88%9d%e7%a8%bf0120-%e6%b1%87%e6%80%bb



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