What does it mean to be a genius? Is genius born or made — or both?

Thinking Like the Genius Leonardo Da Vinci

The premise of this workshop is to demonstrate and debate the existence of a genius within each of us. The workshop tutor strong believe that each human being born with the capacities and gifts of a genius – like Leonardo Da Vinci and others like Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare.

Ailson Blog 2

A question you may enquire is: Does the workshop tutor really believe that we can all be geniuses like Da Vinci and others? Actually he doesn’t! No one can be like Da Vinci or any other individuals we all consider geniuses – purely because we are all unique! Yet, in this workshop you will study and experiment the fundamentals of geniuses’ approaches. By the end of the workshop you will be able to understand the ‘essential elements’ of geniuses – the approach to learning and the cultivation of intelligence. You will be able to study, emulated and applied these essential elements to create your own potential in this turbulent world. This is an interactive workshop with group and individual exercises.


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